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Futures Housing Group reduces carbon footprint with greener vans

Futures Housing Group, provider of around 9000 homes across the East Midlands, have introduced an entire new fleet of vans to its workforce to reduce their carbon footprint and improve efficiency.

A total of 45 brand new environmentally friendly vehicles which consume less fuel and produce less emissions have been introduced across the organisation.

It is estimated that the vans will save around £108,000 in diesel and around 125 tonnes of carbon over the next five years.

Futures Housing Group strategic director of assets, Martin Sherman, said: “We’re delighted to introduce an entirely new fleet of vans across our organisation. Futures Housing Group is committed to achieving greater efficiency and having a more positive impact on our environment.

These new cleaner and greener vehicles will help us achieve this while continuing to provide a quality service to our tenants.”

The vans will be used by FHG’s operating companies, Futures Homescape, who provide around 6000 homes in Derbyshire, and Daventry and District Housing, who manage around 3000 properties in Northamptonshire.

Futures Greenscape, the group’s social enterprise company, have also received new vans to carry out grounds maintenance, void clearance, painting and decorating and cleaning work across the Midlands.

Derby based commercial vehicle dealers Imperial won the contract to supply the new fleet to FHG, working closely with the procurement team to make sure that the vans adhered to the latest efficiency standards.

FHG’s head of procurement John Thornhill said: “Imperial were selected as part of our tender process and they’ve been great at getting the new vans ready and delivered to us, they look fantastic.

“We’ve worked out that we’ll be able to save around 21,665 gallons of diesel, which helps us save money and reduce our carbon footprint.”

  • Last updated: 27/01/2015